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How it Works

  • Body Cooling

    Our unique, breathable fabric releases heat quickly to help you cool down and feel comfortable 24/7.

  • Moisture Wicking

    Our moisture-wicking layer absorbs sweat to keep you dry, so you can say “bye, bye” to sticky & sweaty tees.

  • Odor Controlling

    Our special antimicrobial finish neutralizes any smell of sweat, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious anymore.

  • Temperature Restoring

    Our heat-releasing technology prevents major fluctuations in body temperature, so you’ll always feel balanced and at your best.

  • Smooth Feeling

    No irritation. No harsh chemicals. These essentials feel like a second skin: dreamy & smooth to the touch.

Let’s Get Comfortable

Let’s Get Comfortable

The results are in! Our clothing is guaranteed to help women feel cooler and more confident & comfortable all day and night.

  • Statistic
    of women found our tanks effective in reducing post-hot flash chills
  • Statistic
    of women said that wearing our tanks made them feel more confident in managing their hot flashes
  • Statistic
    of women reported that our tanks reduced their chances of overheating

Tested by Researchers. Recommended by Women.

We’re 100% committed to research, development and testing. In the two years we’ve spent developing our products, we worked very closely with two industry-leading institutes in Germany to independently test the performance of our clothing with the help of hundreds of women from a wide range of backgrounds—including moms, doctors, bloggers, and athletes

Hear from the Experts

“Results have shown that a vast majority of women could benefit from wearing cooling apparel. With an overwhelming amount identifying a reduction in sweat and body heat, we concluded that cooling apparel could be an invaluable tool for anyone experiencing hot flashes and night sweats.”

Professor Joanna Brewis

Professor at The Open University Business School (UK) and Co-Author of The Effects of Menopause Transition (2017)

“Developing Coolibruim's ThermoReg cooling technology brought together our very best, leading-industry sportswear experts with our technology innovation team to identify a new audience: those looking for clothing to keep them cool in everyday life. After two years of research and development, we can confidently say we have created a range of products that works.”

Janith Dushyantha

Technology Entrepreneur of Twinery Innovation, MAS Holdings

FemTech Innovation

Created for Women, by Women

We’re proud to partner with MAS Holdings, an award-winning, multinational manufacturer of intimates, activewear, and leisurewear, which supports and brings comfort to millions of women of all ages around the world.


Using the latest in clothing technology, MAS Holdings helps manage and support physical changes and health concerns of women. In addition to providing a variety of wellness solutions to women that the current market lacks, MAS Holdings also breaks down taboos and social stigmas that still surround women’s issues today.


We’re grateful to have identified a manufacturer whose values and commitment to women align with ours, and we look forward to supporting you through our collaboration and work together.